When you know you know 🤷🏽‍♂️

so bright 

wanna shine 

i step back

because of “what they think”

creative life

my own limitations 

are blinding me

can’t won’t see

compliments from peeps 

watching stars Glaring

trying to be free

of the old me

wipe the mirror dude

see yourself 

be yourself 

walk into the light

u have the fight

gonna get it right 

someday is tonight

while sounds of blackness 

optimistic plays in the background 



Snack on this (thoughts in waiting)

I enjoy eating 

Fast foods, Snackfoods, good foods, bad foods 

It’s my armor

Invisible, seen, antisocial, mean

I choose this

Hard to quit, Easy to get, goes down smooth 

It’s how I cope

Sexuality, obesity, debt, stuck

I pray about it 

Love, money, purpose, relationships

It gets better, doesn’t it?  Hope. 


*i don’t own the image, Image is courtesy of google images*

Read to Recharge 💓

The world can be tough

Without your brain making it so

It can be sometimes hard to put yourself in go.

 Be Tender with yourself /myself/ourselves 

I wish I knew all thee answers

Always searching for something more 

I’m learning to adapt 

To love ❤️ 

To accept 

Myself as I am

Work in progress 


I hope to purchase my uniform…

Sitting here thinking about you…..

I want to play in the rain with your essence 

Eat pizza, while we disagree with pineapple 

On that said pizza, I relent it’s ok 

Because I’m eating with you

Riverfront walking , our fears talking

Will someone mind if we kiss? It’s been 

So long, that walk from the parking lot

To one of many favorite spots. Fuck’em 

We dress alike but people can’t see the 
Uniform we share is just smiles and happiness 

between you and me. 


a pinch of fear, a trace of hope…

It’s all about me

The way I’ve learned to be

Take care of myself, cause no one else will 

Going ever so slowly through the fog

Legs, heart hurting from it all 

Constant moving but in place 

It’s hard to hold up my face 

Because then you’ll see the truth 

I fake it until I make it, shame there’s a

Trace would my family and friends think

Me a disgrace?

I talk and talk and talk with no much follow 

Through… gotta begin anew
This prayer I Trace on my lips from my heart

Dear God,

Hear me loud and clear 

I’ve walked through life with life altering fear

Trust faltered; willpower diminished 

We talk a lot, my mind cloudy, mouth hot

I ask please forget me not

Things I wanna do but scared of failure 

I ask for your guidance for the big step 

I want to take 

Be near me, talk with me 

Help me understand that you help those whom

Help themselves that’s how you lend

A helping hand. Amen 


Music that uplifts….Part 2 #poetry

Photo Courtesy of Bing  Images
Photo Courtesy of Bing Images


 All day noise, people talking to me, O please just leave me be
       headphones where are you i feel you calling my name, put you in
       this is where my smile begins. Put on that new Janet or Jessie J
       I'm confident these ladies and their grooves have something to say
       if i wanna feel on top of the world, maybe Brandy can help
       or a dose of Jay Z let his cool rhymes and intricate wordplay work on me.
       Whatever the mood music can help, hey put on Missy and Tim they got beats
       just enjoy yourself. When you wanna hear vocals for days, I put on Pink
       Whitney, Luther or Mariah music so good goes down like babies and pacifiers
     love music nothing can compare, I may even listen to Bach well maybe on a dare
       Headphones won't let me go, I'm in another world. Lyrics speak my heart
       Melodies speak my soul, Music is a gift, a gun to my head lock and load
        music never gets old and it never will. 

© 2015 CaesarMarques

Cold but softer inside; Me……#Poetry


 He observes all    
      to be of this world         
 a sensitive soul
      with stories untold      
 he likes to think that     
 nobody cares but wonders
      why people stare        
  while searching for a      
 friendly warmth in his eyes
      they get a surprise      
 coldness from a harsh world   made him get a disguise
      the cold front that he    
 puts on is to keep people     
 at bay or so he doesn't
     feel when people spew hate all said and done emotion
 comes easy like switching 
     from cold water to hot     
 Show him your true soul       and he will open up 
      like anyone a temper       that smolders,
 he's a good   man with protective armor
     that's the coldness         you think he harbors    
     he observes all to be of 
     this world a sensitive soul with stories untold the man the myth
 but all me.

© 2015 CaesarMarques

** Some background about this poem. I’m a very private most of the time shy person until i get to know someone. I really don’t like small talk at all and deep conversations with people are a turn on. Who are we kidding though, this can be a harsh world for people who are considered different in any way shape or form. Growing up LGBT and knowing it but afraid to tell made me get an exterior that didn’t match my interior life. That’s where the first and last line come into play “He observes all to be of this world a sensitive soul with stories untold”.

Does a body good…#poetry

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.
Photo courtesy of yahoo images.
 When a workout is done you're the only one you're my
thirst quencher, my throat tickler, my stomach filler, my muscle builder
you're what the experts say I should drink every day.
I see you through the glass glistening drops of perspiration over the bottle
I grab you, cold grips my hand. I'm sure most people can understand.
The taste incredible, I don't wanna let you go 
Gulp after gulp after gulp now you're gone.
You're taste inspires, oh how I admire
A cold glass of chocolate milk.

© 2015 Caesar Marques

**For this assignment we had to write about the flavor of something in a way that says its gone, kind of like a eulogy (in poetry its called elegy). I just not too long ago finished working out and i enjoyed some chocolate milk afterwards and thought why not. It may seem silly to some (the poem I mean) but it is what it is. So please enjoy and grab some chocolate milk while you’re at it.

Authentic faces through musical lyrics….#poetry

Illustration by Neil Torres
Illustration by Neil Torres

**For this exercise we were to explore a form of poetry called found poetry, you look up pieces that have already been written and make a poem out of it. There were several examples to use. I picked one of my favorite musicians and picked 9 of her songs took a lyric from each and put together a very personal poem about basically being my authentic self. Her music has gotten me through a lot of good and bad times. I found the illustration on Instagram and thought it would fit perfectly with the theme faces.

Authentic faces through musical lyrics

I refuse to falter in what i believe or lose faith in my dreams

After so much suffering

You’ll always be a part of me. I’m part of you indefinitely

There’s an answer if you reach into your soul and that sorrow you know will melt away

And lightning don’t strike the same place twice, when you and I

No stress, no fights I’m leaving it all behind no tears no time to cry

Images of rapture creep into me slowly

But we all make mistakes, felt the guilt and self hate.

You Are Not Alone


I care 4 u

Theres something you’re not telling me maybe you think I wouldn’t understand

Troubles run deep this I know, but only on your face does a smile show


Talk to me all night long, I want to listen, be that guiding voice you need to hear

Long sentences form, your trust I have earned so tell me whats going on?


It takes so much to get through this life, the hills and valleys, the joy and sorrow

No one is without problems this I can share, hoping that you know how much I care

Angel In Disguise

You lighten up as we talk more, the clouds are parting, the thunder is quieting

Issues we were both scared to face come to sight helping us both see the future in all its light


Bonds are welded shut, love is exchanged, priorities are rearranged

I’m never far away, that’s what telecommunications are for

please don’t ever hesitate to knock on my door.