Authentic faces through musical lyrics….#poetry

Illustration by Neil Torres Illustration by Neil Torres

**For this exercise we were to explore a form of poetry called found poetry, you look up pieces that have already been written and make a poem out of it. There were several examples to use. I picked one of my favorite musicians and picked 9 of her songs took a lyric from each and put together a very personal poem about basically being my authentic self. Her music has gotten me through a lot of good and bad times. I found the illustration on Instagram and thought it would fit perfectly with the theme faces.

Authentic faces through musical lyrics

I refuse to falter in what i believe or lose faith in my dreams

After so much suffering

You’ll always be a part of me. I’m part of you indefinitely

There’s an answer if you reach into your soul and that sorrow you know will melt away

And lightning don’t strike the same place twice, when you and I

No stress, no fights I’m leaving it all behind no tears no time to cry

Images of rapture creep into me slowly

But we all make mistakes, felt the guilt and self hate.


You Are Not Alone


I care 4 u

Theres something you’re not telling me maybe you think I wouldn’t understand

Troubles run deep this I know, but only on your face does a smile show


Talk to me all night long, I want to listen, be that guiding voice you need to hear

Long sentences form, your trust I have earned so tell me whats going on?


It takes so much to get through this life, the hills and valleys, the joy and sorrow

No one is without problems this I can share, hoping that you know how much I care

Angel In Disguise

You lighten up as we talk more, the clouds are parting, the thunder is quieting

Issues we were both scared to face come to sight helping us both see the future in all its light


Bonds are welded shut, love is exchanged, priorities are rearranged

I’m never far away, that’s what telecommunications are for

please don’t ever hesitate to knock on my door.


Straight with a Silver Bullet…. A Poem

Long hard look
Flexing eyebrows, eyes that change colors with the sun
Long conversations from topics, silly to profound
How long will my addiction to this affliction?

Same type of music gets us going, the 2-step we both do
Gleaming teeth, moist lips that speak words we only understand
How could this be between man and man?

Feeling some type of way, mind cant comprehend
Light skin, greenish-blue veins that shine so loudly
Is it only my truth or are you feeling it too?

Subtle signs, a belly laugh, a smile that lights the room
I tell a joke and everyone laughs but you I search for recognition
That you feel the same as I do PLEASE universe give me permission.

The teeth, the smile, Its all passionate but as i look around
I see a beautiful lady who’s got it all and our connection is nowhere to be found
It hits me again, the curse of the friendly straight dude who’s just living his life
Being a friend is all he can offer and all I can do is bite

a sandwich because rejection makes me hungry….