You Are Not Alone


I care 4 u

Theres something you’re not telling me maybe you think I wouldn’t understand

Troubles run deep this I know, but only on your face does a smile show


Talk to me all night long, I want to listen, be that guiding voice you need to hear

Long sentences form, your trust I have earned so tell me whats going on?


It takes so much to get through this life, the hills and valleys, the joy and sorrow

No one is without problems this I can share, hoping that you know how much I care

Angel In Disguise

You lighten up as we talk more, the clouds are parting, the thunder is quieting

Issues we were both scared to face come to sight helping us both see the future in all its light


Bonds are welded shut, love is exchanged, priorities are rearranged

I’m never far away, that’s what telecommunications are for

please don’t ever hesitate to knock on my door.



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