Music that uplifts….Part 2 #poetry

Photo Courtesy of Bing  Images
Photo Courtesy of Bing Images


 All day noise, people talking to me, O please just leave me be
       headphones where are you i feel you calling my name, put you in
       this is where my smile begins. Put on that new Janet or Jessie J
       I'm confident these ladies and their grooves have something to say
       if i wanna feel on top of the world, maybe Brandy can help
       or a dose of Jay Z let his cool rhymes and intricate wordplay work on me.
       Whatever the mood music can help, hey put on Missy and Tim they got beats
       just enjoy yourself. When you wanna hear vocals for days, I put on Pink
       Whitney, Luther or Mariah music so good goes down like babies and pacifiers
     love music nothing can compare, I may even listen to Bach well maybe on a dare
       Headphones won't let me go, I'm in another world. Lyrics speak my heart
       Melodies speak my soul, Music is a gift, a gun to my head lock and load
        music never gets old and it never will. 

© 2015 CaesarMarques


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