Does a body good…#poetry

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.
Photo courtesy of yahoo images.
 When a workout is done you're the only one you're my
thirst quencher, my throat tickler, my stomach filler, my muscle builder
you're what the experts say I should drink every day.
I see you through the glass glistening drops of perspiration over the bottle
I grab you, cold grips my hand. I'm sure most people can understand.
The taste incredible, I don't wanna let you go 
Gulp after gulp after gulp now you're gone.
You're taste inspires, oh how I admire
A cold glass of chocolate milk.

© 2015 Caesar Marques

**For this assignment we had to write about the flavor of something in a way that says its gone, kind of like a eulogy (in poetry its called elegy). I just not too long ago finished working out and i enjoyed some chocolate milk afterwards and thought why not. It may seem silly to some (the poem I mean) but it is what it is. So please enjoy and grab some chocolate milk while you’re at it.


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