A road I travel…#Poetry

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images

As I past by I-75 the weeds I see

I know by that sight I’m in the D

It looks shabby to outsiders

But this neighborhood is where I come home to be.

Driving down 8 mile

Which has many stories to tell

About the days and nights

And who sleeps and gets freaky in the many motels.

Strip clubs and fast food joints line the street

For late night eats and carnal treats

This road for sure can’t be beat.

After work, often tired I see

Faces and places going about their day

From gas stations to medical weed locations

There’s bad and good I can say.

It goes a long way through city and suburb

Its name you’ve probably heard

In movies, on TV, through music maybe

You can walk up and down till your feet hurts

This road goes through my neighborhood and I’m proud to say

Through potholes and smooth streets

I drive on 8 mile each and every day.

© 2015 CaesarMarques


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