Step into it, be fabulous dahling….

                                {Including Me}


Told by a co-worker you should have more confidence in yourself 

Confidence doesn’t come easy, based on the belief that if I think too highly people will make it there mission to take me down

Which brings the point that people are not thinking of me as much as I think of me

People have said “you’re handsome”, but would people actually say “you ugly”?

I overthink, I criticize, I realize thats who I am 

If I’m gifted at making acquaintances , own it

If people want to see me smile, do it 

If the leadership at my job wants me to lead and that’s the end goal anyway, don’t shrink and automatically recommend someone else

If you fail, that means you tried right?

In 2017, I’ve gotta step into my greatness and claim my place in this world no backing down 

Most people want me to thrive and I should want that for myself 

And I can’t do that wishing to be someone else 

I step into this place, the table has been set

Now muthafucka you better eat…..
© Marcus Caesar

Photo courtesy of Tumblr 


3 thoughts on “Step into it, be fabulous dahling….

  1. I worked a Security job where the Upper Management treated me like CRAP! Their back pockets got fed funded money for the contract upkeep. Thus those such as myself were belittled for having knowledge and expertise they did not. I had to deal with one girl that thought her S__T did not stink and she was the worst employee as well. I had started a program called freightwatch where beacons were put on trucks to track high dollar value loads across the USA. She was “favored” into my spot for no good reason other than she was sleeping then married our Security Mgr. Thus I got a lower paid post and was moved. Talk about a Political mess. I eventually quit and have suffered financially ever since but I could not tolerate there BS any longer. I want to get paid to do book reviews on my blog. That is my dream job. Bless you Jackie your new friend.

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