Life in Bold Print…a poem


Louder she says, project your voice let the world hear your noise

Manly the magazine says, wear this, drink that, and please

don’t be seen in public in that hat. So many ideals on who to be

when is it okay to just be me? The musicians put lyrics to songs singing

about fighting for your rights and trying to belong. The examples are

numerous and the fakes are grand, please can I LIVE man? I’m so tired

of following what you think I should be I’m old enough to know that it’s

alright and just fine with me. Fat, skinny, hairy or bald beauty comes one

size fits all. Lets start a revolution and be bold in our resolution to

celebrate our flaws because without them there’s no rhyme or reason at

all. I’m not angry just prepared to show the world how much I care,

about what you think and who you want me to be and I dare you to say all

men are created free. Be Bold Be Proud Be You because in this life its

all you can do.

© 2015 CaesarMarques


Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images





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