Gratitude Cometh…A Poem


My sistah oh how you can work my nerves

but never in my life do I think I deserve a better champion

in my corner than you, I’m so grateful

My cuzzo oh how you inspire me to be me at all times

love my life since meeting you, eating with you and sharing good times

with you. Grateful is my heart when you call to check up on me

My bestie thanks for being that listener and that voice to tell me

what I need to hear, is it fate that we met at the time that we did?

I cherish our conversations because lord knows I’m not the easiest

to love being moody and all but my gratitude for your shall never fall

The many people who have graced my life through work, school and play

I just want to say, you’ve made my story so much better for having spent

time with you. I’m forever grateful.

© 2015 CaesarMarques


Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Images


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