I knew he existed just had to find him somewhere

all the times that life kept him under wraps

It was a pleasure to know he had my back

Confident, Courageous, Cocky he can appear to be

as I dug deep in the spirit of all that is me.

He comes to play at different times, he’s picky about

the energy he shares, at some points you can look at him

and it may seem that there are no cares. Hiding is crucial

because of what society deems the right thing to be, say or act

As a matter of fact the light that shines so bright can be dimmed by certain

words of no fault of his own just a insecurity overgrown

Its getting easier as the years go by, love of self is a virtue that comes to

play almost every day. Watching, waiting, hoping, praying that it never goes away

the intense desire to be, feel and radiate true unconditional love. When it goes to the universe

and boomerangs back you never think of the lack

lack of money, lack of significant other, lack of friendships, lack of honesty

With yourself and others because of the fear that comes with it. It’s never enough

It will never be enough but you are enough some people look at you and see

all that you don’t the goodness, the funny, the sexy, the all around mushy gorgeous

Something will catch you and point it all out and you will not be able to deny it

and why should you?



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