Just Can’t Give Up Now


Start anew, break free from the chains that bind me

Where did the chains come from you ask

I may have had something to do with it, you see

Being a prisoner is tough, in your mind you believe the lies that

only you can see ,only you can tell yourself of why you can’t attract

the things you want, need, desire but I believe I wasnt brought this far

to be left behind.

Get rid of past transgressions, let go of past hurts

The road would be clearer that way, on your way to the blessings that you have in store

that have piled up because you’ve never took the time to notice. Worry has

clouded your brain for too long and now its time to stay strong

Your season is now, hard work will do its part for you were meant to live

abundantly from the start. I just have to believe and know

that I just can’t give up now…



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