I Miss Him…. A Poem

No, this isn't me as a youngster..lol No, this isn’t me as a youngster..lol

There were times when the world seemed so open, problems didn’t hit me as hard

When coloring was the shit and getting a 64 count crayon box meant you were blessed

From deciding what Matchbox cars to play with, what Lego fixtures I could build

I Miss Him

The couple of dollars I could make from raking the grass, the jumping on any couch or bed

to almost breaking down when I didn’t get what I want. My oh my time goes by fast

When hearing the Ice Cream truck brought so much joy and a sweet tooth to match

I Miss Him

Growing older, I really understood what the world thought of me and  not having the tools

to not give a damn, I gave in. Walls went up, heart in a lockbox gasping for air

Thinking if I was “normal” things would be ok

I Wanna Hug Him

Knowing that what I believe matters above all else, tides have changed the water is less choppy

the greatest love of all was so easy to achieve, right under my nose, the smell of freedom

the clouds are blue again.

I Am Him



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