We R Who We R

Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

In 1980, the foundation was solid, hearts were filled, joy was released

peace had been found a new entity was in town.

Growing up not knowing how he felt was considered wrong he clawed

and he clawed but ultimately felt all alone.

Then it came, teenage years hit like a brick, hygiene less than perfect

fitting in was the goal, slowly selling his soul.

The property fell in decay, all that promise slowly started going away

he had much to say but didn’t feel safe enough to say it.

Oh, many people tried to get behind the wall others just teased

family plus friends et all.

Shut down, anti social, a brick home no foundation just a lot of  furniture

send people away it’s for the best don’t you see the S on this chest?

Late 20’s a merger was announced, spirit and joy came to rescue your boy

and things started turning around.

It shows what happens when investing in yourself because let’s face it, it could be no one else

that will take care of things like you can.

Are things perfect not at all he’s still scared to fall but knows there’s a net

and a light that never fails and likea great angelic spirit this dude will prevail.

©CaesarMarques 2016


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