When you feel some kinda way…


Saw myself on-screen horrified at the sight

When will this darkness that overtakes me come into the light.

Theres a lot of well wishes but what will that get me.

Drink You Away

I can’t, one addiction I’ve never succumbed to

How easy that alcohol would be the place I would run to

My taste buds don’t favor.


Did wonders but ended years later, the talking helped

getting the grit and grime off my mind. I walked away free

or so I thought.

Heart to Yours

Wearing my heart on my sleeve takes a toll especially when I here

other sad stories unfold. I don’t want to be a burden so I prefer a journal

where I can pour my heart out without judgement.


Linda Perry wrote a song, words can’t bring me down but what if they’re

your own? You try to rise above stay on higher ground and look for love of yourself

which is somewhere underground.

That’s What Friends Are For

Wonderful, talented, encouraging but are they telling me the truth or telling me what

they think I wanna hear? Words can become flowers or weapons but only you decide

which, another thing to consider on this journey.

In My Feelings

It happens sometimes, I know guys aren’t supposed to show feeling and emotion but I’m not that dude. Giving a fuck is becoming a thing of the past oh how can I get that feeling to last. Doing me best the way I know how and trying to make it work.



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