So Much… #poetry


Too much going on, the news is depressing

Lord I think it’s time to send out some blessings

I try to stay away the headlines draw me in

I feel like my head is going to cave in

I don’t wanna be ignorant to the topics of the day

But boy oh boy I wish there was a way

To lift all the suffering and cure-all the pain

Yes my heart is pure, I only have this to gain

Knowledge that the world can take care of its own

Help each other when needed, be good spirits all around

Help in small pockets of the world can be found

Not everyone is corrupt, not everyone is out for themselves

But Lord oh Lord do we need your help. My daily prayer

consists of healing from Nepal to B’More and anywhere in between.

Put help where its needed send angels everywhere

let your love shine light on injustices and wrongdoings. I believe there’s a beating heart in

mankind we just need your push and wisdom to act and be divine.



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