photo courtesy of Yahoo Images
photo courtesy of Yahoo Images



 I made a decision of which there is no turning back
      It was for my own good
      I complained about life, and knew i had to make a choice
      Stay silent or use my voice.
      The problem is I have so many interests
      Where do I start? of which interest to pour my heart?
      Take one step at a time they tell me
      I just pray my heart doesn't fail me
      Like many people I don't want to feel defeat
      I want enough money so I can eat
      Good, Feel great have a roof over my head.
      This too shall pass, my indecision goes away
      The riches will come when I find a way
      To pursue my passions and not let doubt get in the way
      I pray everyday for the universe to guide my steps
      I love the freedom to decide what I can do and can't do
      So I ask the universe....
      Let my true life find me and open my mind to guide me
      to a place or occupation that my heart and pockets will
      love This I wish on the stars above.  

© 2015 CaesarMarques


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