Person To Person

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Best Things In Life Are Free

I’ve had associates, had some friends but what did that get me in the end? Judgements all around about how I get down. Found out it didn’t matter, all that was chit chatter. Whats going on inside I had to find out to make sure my mind was right and to eliminate all doubt.

Because Of You

The world doesn’t seem so cold. The fucks I gave went away. Freedom was living how I wanna live, giving my authentic self out to the world. Take it or leave it was the theme song, I’m kinda glad I lasted this long. Tests all around, snakes in the grass but I had angels on my shoulders making sure I passed.


Is the way you dress, to the way you wear your hair. It’s the bass in your voice to the confidence in your walk. It’s in the words you say, the way you kiss. It’s in the causes you believe in, to the places you spend your money. We carry it in our eyes, the fibers of our mind. A damn shame some use it to be unkind.

Rise Up

To the wonders of the world. The different colors of the people. The spectrum of sexuality that makes us all more alike than different. Let the big book pull us together and not tear us apart. let your smile lead to my smile and soon the whole world will smile. Bond in the fight to celebrate our humanness, because lets face it its the one thing we all possess.

Thank you for helping me through, you know who you are.

© 2015 CaesarMarques


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