I’m gonna chase waterfalls; An Ode….#poetry

photo courtesy of  MrWallpaper.com
photo courtesy of http://www.mrwallpaper.com

Tank full of gas, as the pedal hits the metal I ask  are you happy today, the smile on my face

lets me know I’m near the place that brings me joy in that brief second I see wet. Park the car

now sand through my toes, I don’t care where the time goes. Happy faces around, I even see a clown

enjoying all that this place is. Waves crash against the tide I only hope that the divine blesses me

with a home near this fantastic space only grace could shape something so rich, powerful, beautiful and

nourishing. I’m in awe. Mother Nature. Water. Raw.

© 2015 CaesarMarques


The skin hides what everyone can see…..#Poetry


My skin is big you see, enough room for maybe you and two to three skinny folk. It bleeds like any other surface with blood going through its veins sometimes its easy not to feel the pain. Its my protection of sorts, kinda like when we were kids and built pillow forts. As a child we used to jump on, hide under and disappear into that fluffy void. All that time wanting just to be heard without making noise. Playing tag feeling special because you couldn’t find me all this skin wrapped around all that’s meant to guide me. Into your heart, into your soul into telling stories that should and need to be told. All said and done I’m glad the skin is here because most strangers cant sense the fear.

©2015 CaesarMarques