35 is here, am I where I thought i’d be?


I turned 35 two weeks ago, no big celebration at all. I long ago gave up on the ice cream and cake phenomenon. Remember when you were younger and you had a list of what you were gonna have accomplished by a certain age? I had one of those lists and by golly I was gonna make it work, I was gonna tear it up and make another. HA! Life has a funny way of checking you especially on that day once a year that you’re reminded that you’re not getting any younger.

My problem lies in the fact that I wanted to do EVERYTHING that had  anything to do with creativity.From Fashion Designer (bought a sketch Pad, did one sketch), Cosmetologist ( Why can’t I make a helicopter out of hair? Looks cool right? Some gel, a plan and some weave. Went to school for 3 years never went to the State Board), Movie Director ( There’s still Time right? I mean most of the successful ones are in their 40’s I tell myself), Actor (I’m Taking Classes now! A dream I may be good at! Hot Damn!!!), Artist ( My dad is a great one, tried it myself and the self-doubt took over) and Architect (Bought one of those computer graphic house building simulators and tried it for 2 weeks, its in a box somewhere with the other floppy disks that were so popular).

This year I have decided that I’m gonna follow one of my passions and that’s where this blog is coming in. I love to write. I think I’m funny in person so why not share my unique view of life? My guess would be that everybody on WordPress thinks they have something different to offer why not be a part of that community at least once a week. I’m learning the ins and outs as I grow along and my posts will be fancier when I learn what the hell I’m doing.

So no I’m not where I thought I’d be and that’s ok. Who follows their dreams that they had when they were younger besides BeyoncĂ©?


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