Repurposed Heart


wanting to see the best in most

still stressed about the last

give your heart a break

fuck the past.




Roller coaster or screaming lady

it’s more than death

I see it as a rebirth

of the new you

the stress and pain of

this existence

scream it away

there’s hope its a new day.

-note to self




I am

strong as I walk the plains

memory unmatched

i know all there is to gain

as a symbol, I give you luck

do with it what you will

as a totem I give you strength

fight another day I say

I make you stronger

than the average man

walk with head held high

be one with me

strong as

10,000 men , taking on the world

doesn’t matter if you’re boy or girl.

when you’re done

the world will know

I Me My fee fi foe!


emotional to the max


Quick! Tell yourself every bad thing.

Quick! Think of all the worse outcomes.

Quick! Now did it do any good?

Message to self, for our mental health.

The day was a bad day only cause i made it so.

I’ve yet to know how to let it flow.

Work in progress.