Is this you as well? Vol 2

“Stop signs for me are a kind of hectic, achey, ‘tired & wired’ feeling. When I push myself I sometimes feel the energy leaking away like sand sliding faster through an hour glass, or a the air from a punctured tire. That’s when the Shoulds start: “I should have the energy to do this, I should meet my commitments, I should know better than to overcommit”. , I’m learning to respond with, “hang on, I SHOULD respect my natural limits, even when chasing my dreams, & other people should respect the boundary of my health & wellbeing”.

Michelle Spencer


take as you need pt 4

Sometimes I sit and wish I could freeze time right where I am. That way I’ll never lose all of the lovely things that are around me. But time keeps going and things keep getting lost. But I’m still living because something new and beautiful is going to come around eventually and that right there is something to stick around for.