everywhere but here

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?


first stop..slow

where do you go when the world

seems not in your favor

second stop.. show

where do you go when you need a savior

you can tell he favors, her

third stop…home

Where do you go when your body tired

mind tripping, ego spiking

until the next time you on the tracks.



Is this you as well? Vol 2

“Stop signs for me are a kind of hectic, achey, ‘tired & wired’ feeling. When I push myself I sometimes feel the energy leaking away like sand sliding faster through an hour glass, or a the air from a punctured tire. That’s when the Shoulds start: “I should have the energy to do this, I should meet my commitments, I should know better than to overcommit”. , I’m learning to respond with, “hang on, I SHOULD respect my natural limits, even when chasing my dreams, & other people should respect the boundary of my health & wellbeing”.

Michelle Spencer

there’s more 👀👀

we’re here

who is we?

I’m still trying to find my way


I thought I had it but shit happened

you still stepping right?

I’m over 40 and not the greatest

well shit, not many are. What else?

I want to know love

ok, do you love yourself?



There’s work to do I know

I’m here and I’m never leaving

no question mark needed.

©️2022 Marcus Caesar

don’t think about it, ok?

Okay, hear me out. What if your favorite sports hero is gay or bi. What exactly would change for you heterosexual manly man?

Not a damn thing!

The world is big and vast and some of your heroes may like their dick and ass big and vast but I digress.

They don’t owe you nothing!

…but how about just taking them as they are? Extremely talented athletes who are doing what they love. Not for you and not for me, but because the feeling of doing it trumps all.

Shit, trump has nothing to do with this.

Back to my point or did I have one? What’s yours?

Food for thought….

©️2022 Marcus Caesar