personal holiday

essay, memoir

“It’s time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together to release the pressure
We need a holiday” – Madonna

on this day nine years ago, i revealed a personal truth to my parents

like pressure off your brain it was needed. My fam is low-key so it wasn’t the

biggest deal to them, but to me my world was a bit lighter . I’m proud. I’m blessed.

ups and downs both abound but I’m still trucking. Haven’t found my forever but

there’s hope. so while people celebrate the holiday of our fallen soldiers, i celebrate

the holiday of my fallen facade, lies I told to belong so long ago.



trouble in the world today


rage boiling

you’re offended by everything

when will you smile again

go through this earth like a child again

no need for an answer

hate takes over like a cancer

re-center, play all day

balance, rinse and repeat.

you’re only human.




kicking down the door

my heart was meant to endure

love joy passion

i found it in fashion to

be down tears of a clown

maybe me maybe we

have to make it

just can’t shake it

Uncompromising my will to be great

having to shake the fears, doubts

freedom is near, so close I’m wearing it

I’m speaking it into the world



the fire makes you run


Courtesy of google images

stay in this space

wrinkle lines all over my face

not feeling joy

boy, queer some say not ok

today is thee day

Compromise no more

of this I’m sure

superhero complex

look at each day like what’s next

favored by the heavens

strong mind, weather the storm

i was born to be a light

shine motherfucker shine.


be here now


courtesy of google images

while the gears are turning

overthinking a situation to the max

worries about the future

living in the past

wanting to feel joy

the universe says

the key is in this very moment

Present here now enjoy

do you feel it

the difference .