Happy Birthday to me 😊


year 38 is here!

universe says another year my dear

i’m acting , i’m traveling

meeting new people

loving myself more

Suddenly it clicks

the present is a gift

breathe, relax , enjoy

show love, be love



Year 37 

memoir, poetry

I believe in miracles, cause it’s a miracle I’m here.”  -Emeli Sande

Born day is here and the feeling is mixed

I’m blessed to have what I have 

Meet the people I’ve met 

Traveled to the places I’ve traveled 

There is something I wanna do

Live in another place, get another grove

Find love with another + myself 

Follow my true path 

Be that media mogul, makes dreams come

True, even mines 

I pray this year brings a Desire to live

Fully honestly and without hesitation 

With that sentimental crap outta the way

My attitude remains