Is this you as well? Vol 2

“Stop signs for me are a kind of hectic, achey, ‘tired & wired’ feeling. When I push myself I sometimes feel the energy leaking away like sand sliding faster through an hour glass, or a the air from a punctured tire. That’s when the Shoulds start: “I should have the energy to do this, I should meet my commitments, I should know better than to overcommit”. , I’m learning to respond with, “hang on, I SHOULD respect my natural limits, even when chasing my dreams, & other people should respect the boundary of my health & wellbeing”.

Michelle Spencer


not my ally

my stories I pass

built to last

on to the new

tried and true

trying to move forward

my expectations are lowered

messing with some

keep my cards close

don’t want to ghost

but what else can I do

if you take my humanity

use it against me

and expect me to say nothing

not on my watch

clock keeps ticking

world keeps turning

who are you again?


amerikkkanized chaos

It’s not my fault

I didn’t do it

I can’t take your pain away

my color of my skin

has nothing to do with the pain you’re in


write it out, muck about

don’t take out my


there’s another shooting

anger is brewing

when will it be enough?

we won’t lie down

no one gave us a crown

or a pedestal you put us on

you show your true colors but God sees above all others

justice will be swift

and you’ll deserve it

or haven’t you heard

it can be changed like this-

*snaps fingers*