everywhere but here

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?


first stop..slow

where do you go when the world

seems not in your favor

second stop.. show

where do you go when you need a savior

you can tell he favors, her

third stop…home

Where do you go when your body tired

mind tripping, ego spiking

until the next time you on the tracks.



It must’ve been love?

You saved me.

There was no doubt that I could possibly be gone.

But you held on

wanted me for a higher purpose

I wonder sometimes do I deserve this

depression runs deep

feelings are steep

of what I haven’t done

stay in the present

or buy myself presents

somethings I’ll never know

I guess it shouldn’t matter

I’m here because of you

the ultimate definition of love?

©️2022Marcus Caesar

I’m not okay ?

the phone is not charged

no music

my twin looks great with braids

i have no hair

that Chinese food dinner i was craving

streaming service got the money early

that beautiful man with a nice smile

just opened the door for his wife

my favorite white T-Shirt

mistakenly washed with the color clothes

that kid I couldn’t wait to have

just painted my living room with chalk

I’m going to take a nap in the car on DND

because I’ll be better than ok.

©️2022 Marcus Caesar

where I am

i wish i may

i wish i might

think about all in my life

not right

dwell on the good

don’t know if I should

call and bother .

so much I’m thankful for

walking through the door

of my own apartment.

somethings missing

someone suggested a kitten

i don’t know about that

pray to the heavens

i don’t sleep 24/7

still much to accomplish.


not my ally

my stories I pass

built to last

on to the new

tried and true

trying to move forward

my expectations are lowered

messing with some

keep my cards close

don’t want to ghost

but what else can I do

if you take my humanity

use it against me

and expect me to say nothing

not on my watch

clock keeps ticking

world keeps turning

who are you again?


blooming onion

I’m over 40

don’t know where I’m going

don’t know when it will last

the agony of regrets in my past

each day I’m given

should be worth celebrating right?

adventure about to take flight

any day now

life is mine for the taking

I’m just making


am i lazy or unmotivated

or both

gotta shake it off

more Mariah than Taylor

made for me

life, easy, breezy

by the horns

gonna make it

so it is and it is so.

here’s the show!