A Fitness Challenge….Motivate me Please :-}

All These people look happy to exercise..Is it contagious?
All These people look happy to exercise..Is it contagious?

My weight has always been an issue for me well at least since High School when i thought eating multiple whoppers with cheese would cure my social anxieties. In the early 90’s for some reason burgers were always on sale and I was happy to take advantage. You have to realize that I grew up on 8 mile (A famous movie that was set not on that particular road but was filmed near it which makes it special nonetheless) where there were ALL different types of fast food restaurants close by. My parents worked a lot and rarely cooked anything i liked, so i lived on banquet dinners, Kraft Macaroni in the box and Fast Food restaurant of my choice.

I used the excuse that walking to said restaurants I was exercising the McNuggets off. It didn’t work. I rarely exercised besides the walking to the restaurants, so as you can guess I never lost the weight. I did bowl, so i have strong/toned arms. At my biggest I was a 54 waist, working for a grocery store I had access to a lot of junky foods, fried chicken and the occasional salad. I was talked about and teased for being the big guy but that didn’t motivate me that just sent me to ask for more hours so I can upgrade to super size meals at THAT restaurant. As a grown man it was up and down, up and down for my weight until my pimp Sallie Mae came through.

Having Sallie’s help, I signed up for a medical weight loss plan that cut my calorie intake dramatically while going to the gym 3 days a week. Good News was that I lost 93 pounds. Bad News was that in the maintenance portion of the program I gained 35 of it back. I however continued to go to the gym upping my time there to 5 days a week. I’m thinking if i’m gonna pay for it better use it. I gained muscle and I was content, not happy though. I did this all while on the midnight shift, so I was proud. I recently (Sept) went to the day shift and i’m finding it hard to stay on the fitness track I set up.

This is where the challenge comes in. I follow many people on social media who are fit, it can be done I know this. I wanna connect with people like me who work a 9 to 5 gig and stay fit. No offense to the personal trainers who work 9 to 5, i’m excluding you because your job is at the GYM. It gets me annoyed when Famous people give advice because they have access to things that a regular shmo like me don’t (personal trainers, personal cooks, ┬ámore money).

This is my idea of a great gym ....EMPTY!!!
This is my idea of a great gym ….EMPTY!!!

In conclusion, where are my fitness warriors who can help me out? Working a job and taking care of family and STILL go to the gym, i salute you. I’m learning not to stress so much over it, its more enjoyable that way. i’m gonna go now, I have a date with Leg Day in the morning. (sigh)